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Convert more visitors to customers

High-performance e-commerce websites, designed to sell

Businesses like yours need help to trade online, now.

Welcome to SD1. Fast, Secure, Accessible, E-commerce websites. World-class managed e-commerce websites.
With the experience to bring you all the benefits without the cost. What do you want to sell?

An e-commerce system built to be better

I have long been concerned about the standards in e-commerce website development. In fact, that goes for website design in general.

Every website should meet with a core set of assessment criteria standards. Unfortunately those that do are in the minority. This means your data, integrity and potentially your business could be at risk.

That is why I have developed an affordable e-commerce website system which meets with the highest standards in:

  • Performance
    A-grade: fast loading for customer engagement and conversion and better SEO.
  • Security
    A-grade: meets with measurable standards for security, PCI/DSS and GDPR compliance.
  • Accessibility
    WCAG. 2.1AA compliance for better comprehension for people with disability and sight impairment.
responsive ecommerce website design

ecommerce iphone

Fast e-commerce

Attract and retain more customers

Fast e-commerce websites convert more visitors to customers. Google loves fast websites too, so your SEO will perform better.

Your e-commerce website will be delivered quickly too. Apply now and if successful you can be up and running in a few days.

The whole system will be branded for you. All you have to do is add your content and your products. If you don’t want to do it yourself I can provide a quote to help you.

In the demo, you can see how the store looks when set-up for a restaurant. Of course, it could be set-up to sell more or less anything.

Secure e-commerce

Managed and protected

A-grade security comes as standard. Your data and your customer’s data is protected by some of the best security available.

GDPR is all taken care of for you too. There’s even a standard privacy policy ready to use.

Your e-commerce website will be updated regularly to make sure it complies with current standards.

Regular backups are taken to provide a complete disaster recovery plan.

ecommerce ipad

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Inclusive, accessible e-commerce

Inclusive design

Why exclude people when you can include them?

Your e-commerce website is designed to work optimally on desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

With its A-grade performance rating it also loads quickly on all devices, engaging and converting more customers.

What’s more, unlike most websites, your e-commerce website had been designed to work for people with disabilities and sight impairment.