GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union, including the UK. GDPR compliance will likely have an impact on your business and your WordPress website. Here’s a simple overview of GDPR.

Security and encryption

You probably know that you need a secure WordPress website. GDPR has made this all the more important. A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Website security can prevent an attack before it happens.

Speed and performance

Slow loading websites lose visitors and reduce conversion, especially on mobile devices. For every second you shave off of load time, you’ll boost customer confidence and trust in your website. Fast loading sites tend to rank a little better on Google too. Who wants to wait for you?

Security and performance tests

How does your WordPress website perform for speed and security? Fortunately, there is an easy and free way to find out. I have collated a selection of the best speed and security analytics tests. Give them a go and see for yourself how well your site performs. You might be surprised.

Disaster recovery

What would you do if you lost your website? Do you have a backup and disaster recovery plan? A breach or loss of data can happen for all sorts of reasons: a malicious attack, user error, data conflicts and many more. Being prepared will probably save you a small fortune if the worse was to happen.

Design and development

WordPress design and development comes in many flavours. There are a lot of great designers and beautiful websites out there. However, far too many ignore the basic security and speed that will make all the difference to your website. I work alone and with designers to deliver great WordPress websites.

In a customer’s words…

John, just makes things work!

“After a disastrous experience with another supplier having a new website built, we decided to start the build again from scratch.

 John came highly recommended and the project was delivered in the specified timeframe, which was weeks not several months! The website looks better, runs faster and is at last secureAmazing how this was all achieved with the same brief and design work.

John is approachable with vast experience to help you develop your ideas. I already refer him on to my client base!”

David Straiton, Director Woop