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What works for your business?

John Stutely is a web consultant with 60,000 hours of experience.

John has a vast experience in website design, development, marketing and pretty much all things web. His unique approach helps our clients achieve the results they need.

John is the Managing Director of Astutech ltd, now a dedicated mobile app development company, which in itself has been around since 1999.

Recently John has completely immersed himself in WordPress security and performance. He has worked with WordPress for over seven years and keeps trying to make it work better. As a result of this he knew how vulnerable WordPress is to malicious attack.

“I was shocked to find how many WordPress websites I could find the login page for.  But, it doesn’t stop there. in probably 75% of cases I can find the user names, plugins, scripts and more. Basically all the information needed to hack a WordPress website. WordPress just leaks this data, and it powers up to 25% of the Worlds websites.”

John is now on a mission to protect businesses websites. Yes, we design and develop a new website and make sure it is all secured and backed up. We’re rather good with SEO too. Perhaps more importantly we take an existing WordPress website and secure it. But it get’s better. Of course it is important to try and prevent an attack or data loss in the first place. We now employ a triple back-up system to ensure that, if the worse was to happen, we can recover your website, fast.

Site Dynamics (SD1) is run by John and his team of highly experienced and adept designs and developers. The aim of the company is to bring a new level of sophistication to WordPress. To design and develop websites which deliver results and stay online. To protect existing websites.

We help business owners sleep at night safe in the knowledge that their website is being looked after.

If you have any questions, then please contact us.

John has just put together this brilliant website ‘configurator’ to help you plan your new website.
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