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Creative technical website consultant

One man on a mission to improve the standards in web design and development

27 years in web development

Hello, I’m John Stutely. I am a creative technical consultant who has been working with web technologies since 1993, which is when I published my first website.


I have worked on projects of all sizes, in numerous markets, in both the private and public sectors.

As a vastly experienced designer, developer, and innovator, my career has constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible at the time.

I estimate that over my career I have more than 50,000 hours of experience in website design, development, and innovation.

I want to raise the standards in web design

I have long been concerrned about the general quality in website design and development.

All too often I see underperforming sites with no direction, which are poorly executed and vulnerable to malicious attack.

This is WordPress on steroids

This website, and my products, are the culmination of years of experience to provide the very best out of the world’s most popular Content Management system, WordPress.

I am able to provide you with unrivaled with measurable A-grade security and performance.

I have even taken it all to the next level to ensure WCAG.2.1 AA compliance. for accessibility. This meets with the UK Government specification for their websites. It means websites can be more easily used by people with disabilities and visual impairment.

Fast, secure and accessible

I develop lightning-fast websites built on a solid foundation from the ground up, designed to meet the needs of the many.