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Website accessibility

Could your website be restricting your visitors?

What is website accessibility?

Website accessibility is all about designing for inclusivity. This is highly desirable because it means that your messages can reach the widest possible audience.

That does not only mean people with disabilities screen readers and digitally assisted technologies. Accessible design considers people accessing your website with slow connections and older technology.

Most importantly, it is likely that you will want to be sure that your content is available to everyone.

Good user interface (UI) design should be accessible

Good accessible website design should allow people to easily navigate and digest information. To get the best your website should provide a good all-round experience and perception of your content.

It has recently become a legal obligation for all Government and Public Sector websites to meet with strict accessibility guidelines. This almost certainly has implications for the private sector too.

Did you know?

Around 70% of all websites are innaccessible to people with visual impariment.

There are almost 14 million disabled people in the UK. That’s 22% of the population.

W3C web accessibility initiative

Here you can find out out more about standards, strategies, and resources to make the web more accessible for people with disabilities.

Test your website for accessibility standards

These three tools will give you a really good idea of where your website accessibility standards are. Discover what you will need to do to improve your website accessibility.

PowerMapper demo

  • Check your website usability and website using 700+ standards based checkpoints
  • Test accessibility against W3 WCAG and Section 508 checkpoints
  • Find broken links and missing images
  • Browser compatibility – find HTML, CSS and JavaScript errors
  • Search Engine Optimisation – check against Google, Bing and Yahoo guidelines

WAVE evaluation

Wave’s excellent web evaluation accessibility tool enables you to see problems right on the page.

  • Visual evaluation tool
  • Check pages for errors, warnings and best practice
  • On screen view highlights where problems are
  • Code view allows you to see exactly elements need to be adjusted


AChecker will test against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Version 2.0, Level AA

How does this site score?

This website has been designed to meet and exceed accessibility standard: WCAG 2.1 AA. It passes all of the above tests:

Reports no errors for accessibility, compatibility, search standards or usability.

WAVE analysis
Reports no errors.

Passes with no errors.