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What would you do if you lost your website?

Your website is an asset. Protect it.

Not all WordPress websites are equal.

Keep your online presence safe.

Most WordPress websites are vulnerable to attack.

If your WordPress website is like 75% of all WordPress websites, then it is extremely vulnerable to attack. The good news is that most WordPress websites can be secured.

It does not have to be a hacker either. You could lose everything simply because your hosting company messes up. This has just happened to 123-reg, as this story on the BBC reveals. Another example is an unfortunate individual who wiped out his 1,500 customer’s websites, as the Independent reveals.

Then there’s user error. It’s all too easy to update something only to discover your have just lost your website.

There’s plenty of horror stories. Don’t let your business suffer. Our management and security plans are designed to protect WordPress.


WordPress security.

Keep WordPress safe.

  • Comprehensive security audit.
  • WordPress security
  • Secure hosting. SSL.
  • Content delivery network. CDN.
  • Full WordPress backups.
  • WordPress disaster recovery.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Website firewall.
  • Mobile performance optimisation.