The world’s top 100 WordPress websites

Tested for security

Security analysis of world’s top 100 WordPress websites

I have known for some years that WordPress has some serious vulnerabilities, all of which can be minimized. However, I suspected they are being routinely forgotten. I wanted to see how some of the best WordPress websites stood up to a simple check.

The results are quite astounding.

Who did I analyse?

The analysis was a broad spectrum of websites including well-known brands, A-list celebrities, and award-winning WordPress developers. The sites were referenced from a selection of collections of the best WordPress websites in the world.

This is how some of the best of the best stand up to scrutiny.

Websites with security issues

WordPress websites with obvious security flaws


Websites with no security issues

WordPress websites with no obvious security flaws


Critical security issues

WordPress websites with critical security flaws

Critical security issues0%

Websites without SSL

Secure data encryption not present


Out of date

Plugins or core that need to be updated


Security Headers

Grade E0%
Grade D0%
Grade C0%
Grade B0%
Grade A0%
Grade A+0%

Default login page

Login access page be found by anyone


User IDs revealed

User login names easily found