25 Years in Digital innovation

WordPress training courses.

Not all WordPress training courses are equal.

Learn what you need from the basics to running your own WordPress website design agency.

WordPress training.

Backed by 25 years in design, marketing, SEO, advanced coding and more.

Intensive training designed to deliver a serious return on investment. Learn from an expert in all things WordPress.

WordPress, like Chess, is easy to play but hard to master. This makes it perfect for anyone wanting to update their website with a minimum of training. More advanced aspects however can be perplexing, until you know how to do it.

I have 10,000 hours of experience with WordPress. But that is not all. I have 25 years in digital innovation and running my own businesses. I can help you with much more than just WordPress training. I can help you set up your own WordPress website business. Learn how to pitch and win contracts. Discover the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

WordPress training.

Learn WordPress with an expert.

Bespoke 1:1 and group training in:

  • WordPress website essentials.
  • Advanced WordPress design and administration.
  • WordPress SEO training.
  • WordPress security.
  • Social media marketing and WordPress.
  • Run your own WordPress website design agency.
  • Remote WordPress training, support and advice.